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Curriculum for eEnglish (Pronunciation Power 2)
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To be used with the eEnglish Online learning program.

The foundation of this course is based on the 52 lessons of Pronunciation Power 2 and will incorporate the 8 in 1 English Dictionary and Pronunciation Power Idioms. These products are largely self-driven. As the teacher in this course your tasks will be to introduce the students to the concepts, terminology, lessons and exercises and then to become the guide for the students' self study. You will reinforce the need for practice and ultimately the need for the students to be able to listen to their own recordings and hear their own pronunciation errors.

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    What do you get with eEnglish?
    eEnglish allows you to learn English and improve your pronunciation online with access to:
    Pronunciation Power 1
    Pronunciation Power 1 is a user friendly, interactive program designed for beginning English learners of all ages. It is an excellent tool for students to learn the correct pronunciation of 52 sounds as they are used in the English language. It has an easy, effective design with numerous exercises for practice using visual and auditory feedback. All instructions and lessons are available in 12 different languages and the student can choose which language he/she prefers to use.
    Pronunciation Power 2
    Pronunciation Power 2 is a user friendly interactive program designed for intermediate to advanced English learners of all ages. It is an excellent tool for students to learn the correct pronunciation of sounds as they are used in the English language. The easy, effective design has numerous exercises for practice using visual and auditory feedback.
    8 in 1 English Dictionary
    The 8 in 1 English Dictionary aids in improving reading comprehension, vocabulary, pronunciation and spelling ability.

    The dictionary has features such as:

    • Language of choice - instructions and root word translations in 12 different languages
    • 1800 pictures
    • Listening and recording for all roots words, verb conjugations and noun + plurals.
    • Over 7000 words
    • Extensive search based on: 39 themes, 52 sounds (in all positions), alphabet, letter combinations in all positions, verbs, nouns.
    Pronunciation Power Idioms
    Pronunciation Power Idioms is a great tool for intermediate to advanced ESL (English as a Second Language) learners that want to improve their knowledge and use of English Idioms.
    eEnglish Speech Test
    The eEnglish Speech Test uses speech recognition and analysis to assess the your recordings and analyze which eEnglish lessons you should study to improve your English pronunciation. The test consists of 52 sentences that you record into your microphone. Once all the sentences have been recorded the program automatically analyzes the recordings and provides feedback on which sounds are spoken correctly, which need improvement, and which greatly need improvement. You are then directed to which Lessons in the Pronunciation Power products you should focus on.
    Grammar and Vocabulary with Color Key
    Grammar and Vocabulary with Color Key, for beginner English learners, uses the unique Color Key, helping you learn and remember the English skills you need for basic communication in English. Every word has a Color for the part of speech that it represents. You will be able to learn word position simply by remembering what part of speech each color represents.
    Usage, Test Score and Progress tracking
    The user management system incorporated into English allows individuals and/or teachers to view product usage and history as well as test scores. Now you can easily track usage by exact Lessons, Exercises used, time spent on the programs and Test scores.
    Vocabulary Builder
    The Vocabulary Builder tests your pronunciation while teaching you new vocabulary. A Suggested Sound Practice list shows the sounds you need to practice and provides you with an instant side view animation of the sound accompanied with several sample words using the sound. When the evaluation graph is 100% green you have mastered all 52 sounds! The vocabulary builder includes over 600 words, hundreds of images and vocabulary translation in 13 languages.