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What are Idioms?

Idioms (idiomatic expressions) are phrases, words or sayings that have a different meaning than what the initial phrase/word/saying might suggest. The meaning of an idiom is often established by repeated use of the phrase or saying by a specific group. Idioms have a figurative meaning rather than a literal meaning like other phrases or sayings usually have.
Common English Idioms:

  • Idiom: "All walks of life." (To indicate different careers or lifestyles.)
  • Idiom: "Throw a party." (To have or hold a party.)
  • Idiom: "to get a sinking feeling" (To start to feel unhappy about something.)
  • Idiom: "rub someone the wrong way" (To make someone feel uncomfortable.)
  • Idiom: "to leave a sinking ship" (To leave a bad situation.)
  • Idiom: "go fly a kite" (Used to tell someone to go away)
  • Idiom: "to fish for a compliment" (To try to get a compliment from someone.)

      Beats me!

      Description: Used to state you do not know the answer to something.

      Sample Sentence:
      A: "Do you know where the bus stop is?"
      B: "Beats me."

      You're asking for it!

      Description: Used as an expression of anger when someone is being irritating.

      Sample Sentence:
      Johnny said, "You're asking for it!" to Ben after Ben pushed him 3 times.

      You're barking up the wrong tree.

      Description: To make a wrong choice or ask the wrong person.

      Sample Sentence:
      Our teacher said, "You're barking up the wrong tree if you think I'm going to give you the answer to the test question."

      To fall apart

      Description: To get very emotional or very upset when a situation is difficult.

      Sample Sentence:
      The child fell apart when her parents left her at daycare the first time.

      Idiom: To tell/give someone something in advance.

      Description: To tell or give someone something before the time that it was expected.

      Sample Sentence:
      Please warn me in advance that you are coming over so that I can clean my house.

      To be in a fix.

      Description: To be in a problem situation.

      Sample Sentence:
      I can't find my way out of the forest - I'm in a real fix.
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